Look closer into your future. Smart strategy for a flexible learning experience.

Look closer into your future. Smart strategy for a flexible learning experience.

Since 1954, SPD has been offering professionally oriented pathways to boost your potential and support your continuous learning. For the academic year 2020-2021, we are always committed to delivering engaging experiences, to allow you to keep following your passions and grow your talent in Milano,s a world’s capital of design, furniture and fashion.

We model flexible solutions for different needs, focusing on the stability of projects and programs and adapting strategies and tools to the evolving international scenario. For 2020-2021 registrations, our policies provide customized and flexible options that combine safety and educational effectiveness. The goal is to plan the next steps by looking to the future together, with confidence.

For the organization of activities in the autumn 2020 and look beyond, until 2021, responsiveness and adaptation are our guiding principles to ensure academic continuity. In particular:

Small class sizes and flexible use of space will allow us to stay together safely on campus from the start of the courses.

In addition to this, on-campus experience will be accompanied by blended learning options from November 2020 to February 2021: a guarantee for those students who reach the campus later.

In order to reduce the number of people gathering, distancing measures will be put in place on premise, while activities that bring together a larger number of people can be carried out online, maintaining direct and effective and direct interaction through live sessions.

Our first objective is to grant you a smooth start.

In this regard, SPD is offering:
– familiarization activities (elective) in week of 19 October 2020, both online or in presence by appointment
– introductory lectures (elective and without attendance registration) available online in week of 26 October 2020
– from 2 November lessons with compulsory presence, either on campus or remotely, in case a student experiences a delayed arrival. The same remote mode may be adopted from 2 November 2020 to February 2021 for activities involving large groups, e.g. public conferences or some theoretical sessions.

Finally, for the University Masters and OneYear courses that provide for a single annual intake 2020-2021 in November, enrolled students who are unable to reach the campus due to compelling and prolonged limitations to international mobility, may request to defer their studies to the spring semester: check terms and conditions with the Academic Office.

Contact us to make an appointment and request an in-presence or online orientation session on flexible learning plans, course content or to plan an on-site visit or tour via Zoom for you and your parents.

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