Pierre di Sciullo

Pier di Sciullo

Pierre di Sciullo is a designer working with various media and platforms: books, posters, video, film, screen work and exhibitions. He presents the research he conducts in the areas of graphic and typographic design. Di Sciullo develops projects for cultural and institutional clients. In 1983, he started publishing Qui? Résiste, an experimental publication that he writes and designs.

Starting from his research on the relatioship between speech and writing, he designed several fonts: the Minimum, the Quantange, the Basnoda, the Sintétik, the Gararond and the Amanar, digital font for the Touareg writing system. He also collaborates with set-designers and architects, developing his interest in graphic design applied in three-dimentional spaces. His works for the public space are meant to involve the audience, inviting them to read and discover a form of urban poetry.

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