Luciano Perondi

Designer Luciano Perondi

Writing in the space

In this talk, Luciano Perondi, researcher and designer involved professionally in type, graphic and information design, covers two main topics that are part of his most recent studies: “A visual syntax? Can you show me an example?”

The word synsemia indicates the deliberate and conscious display of written elements in the space with the aim to communicate throught possible spatial configurations and additional visual variables, univocally and in a reasonably unambiguous way. Public writing is a specific instrument of cultural hegemony.

A brief outline on monumental writing in italian Communes during the XI and XII centuries and on the display of power through writing of the Signorie during the Italian Renaissance, in particular in Rimini and Urbino. Perondi will also talk about writing as a form of popular interaction with urban space, writing as an instrument for sharing the processes of political communication.

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