David Avino – Stefano Polato

Designers David Avino & Stefano Polato

Food for space

Argotec is an aerospace company with a long experience in space flights operations. The European Space Agency (ESA) selected Argotec as the company in charge of the development and supply of the space food for European astronauts of the International Space Station. To tackle this ambitious technological challenge, Argotec developed an internal research department for astronauts’ food: the Space Food Lab. Here, healthy and nourishing food for astronauts like Luca Parmitano, Alexander Gest and Samantha Cristoforetti has been developed.

ReadyToLunch brand products have been created from Argotec research and development activities, food for spacemen and terrestrials alike. All Argotec products aim not only to meet specific astronauts needs but also to accommodate the demand of those on the earth who would like to have a healthy, tasty and complete diet by using practical products able to support great physical endeavor. This makes these products suitable for athletes too.

Recipes result from specialized research and deep innovation in the food technology field. For every product ReadyToLunch pays attention to raw materials quality and origin and most of the ingredients are organic and carefully picked up. Quick to prepare and easy to eat are Argotec products key features. Following the need to optimize transport costs and space, packaging allows products to be light and non voluminous.

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