Digital Design Days

The Digital Design Days are an invaluable opportunity for personalized, one-to-one meetings with our dedicated advisors and experienced course leaders.

During these sessions, you will also receive detailed portfolio reviews to showcase your work and receive constructive feedback. Whether you are looking to refine your skills, explore new areas of interest, or determine the most suitable Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts program, the Digital Design Days offer the support and expertise you need to make informed decisions about your design career.

Students in class

Digital Design Days are an exclusive event tailored for prospective students of our prestigious Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts programs.

Take advantage of personalized, one-on-one sessions with our esteemed Professors and Advisors, who are ready to guide you through what could be the most transformative experience of your Design career. Each consultation lasts thirty minutes, offering you direct, expert advice tailored to your aspirations.

Additionally, engage in dynamic coaching sessions with our Course Leaders to collaboratively discover the best path that aligns with your unique skills and aptitudes.

To top it off, our Course Leaders will share their invaluable insights on the evolving role of designers, shedding light on the latest industry demands and client needs. This is your chance to gain a competitive edge and make informed decisions about your future in design. Don’t miss this opportunity to step into your future with confidence and clarity.


Monday, July 15 Master of Arts in Transportation and Car Design
Tuesday, July 16 Master of Arts in Communication design
Thursday, July 18 Master of Arts in Interior Design
Friday, July 19 Master of Arts in Food Design
Monday, July 22 Master of Arts in Event and Exhibition Design

Tuesday, July 23 Bachelor of Arts in Design and Master of Arts in Product Design
Wednesday, July 24 Bachelor of Arts in Automotive and Transportation Design
Thursday, July 25 Bachelor of Arts in Communication, Culture and Enterprise