Design Talks

Ricardo Salas

The 2017 programme of DesignTalks will open Tuesday 14 February with a lecture by Ricardo Salas, a reputable graphic designer from Mexico, and the current Director of the School of Design at the Universidad Anáhuac México Norte in Mexico City. A former alumnus of Scuola Politecnica di Design, Salas began his design education under professors like Pino Tovaglia, Bruno Munari, Max Huber, among others, and later expanded his professional training with a postgraduate degree in graphics, animation and typography in Basel, Switzerland.

Salas returned to Mexico City in 1980 where he started a career in corporate graphic design, working for extensive international projects, including the editorial re-structuring of the National Library of Paris. He also founded his own graphic studio, in Milan, and from its inception to date, Frontespizio has curated voluminous works in graphics-from text composition, images, editorial, and three-dimensional concepts. Salas’ work has been published and showcased across many prestigious design platforms and is an active committee member at the Museum of Popular Art in Mexico City.