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Communication Design Executive Course


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1 Academic Year


January 2025





Communication Design Executive Course

Creativity and commerce: two concepts currently shaping the landscape of communication and design, bridging the realms of inspiration and data, humanism and emerging technologies, aesthetics and algorithms. Seizing the opportunity to enroll in an executive course in this field now means investing in your talent, enriching it, and refining it through a training path that will open doors to a bright professional future in the world of communication.

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Copywriters, creative directors, graphic designers, and planners are now expected to grasp the intricate competitive dynamics of the firms they serve, along with their inner workings, and perhaps even possess the ability to effectively initiate a startup themselves. Those engaged in the business realm—account executives, advisors, and corporate leaders—are anticipated to exercise creative thinking, often serving as the sole competitive edge in an era where many products are essentially interchangeable in terms of functionalities.

In addition to traditional career trajectories in the communication sphere (advertising agencies, design studios, and media outlets), novel pathways have surfaced: advisory consultancies, internal agencies within corporations, the flourishing realm of independent professionals, and the startup domain (where design and communication competencies are crucial right from inception).

To prepare future creatives for the challenges of today’s world, SPD offers several pathways that may be of interest to those entering the field of communication: a one-year Executive Course and a Teesside University-recognized Master of Arts.

The Executive Course is based on a learning strategy aimed at nurturing creative talent through the acquisition of professional knowledge and skills.

There are main objectives:

  • To create new professionals in the field of marketing and integrated communication,
  • Focus on key sectors for communication from automotive, to fashion and so,
  • To build an excellent portfolio through real-based projects on iconic brands,

The Executive Course in Communication Design is aimed at recent graduates or individuals with equivalent academic who, regardless of their disciplinary background, aim to acquire specific creative and communication design skills.

To be admitted to the Executive Course in Communication Design these are the requirements:

  1. Bachelor degree in subjects related to design (if already obtained)
  2. Transcript of Records
  3. Portfolio with your works
  4. CV/resume (full and detailed)
  5. ID card or passport
  6. Cover letter: around 500 words
  7. Application form

At the culmination of the Communication Design Executive Course, students undertake a final project, crafting their portfolios to showcase their acquired skills and creative endeavors.

After completion of the Communication Design Executive Course, you are ready to embark on a career in various fields, including:

  • Communication and marketing departments of companies
  • Advertising agencies, in roles such as copywriter, art director, strategist, and account manager
  • In-house agencies
  • Media centers, in positions such as analyst or creative
  • Consulting firms, in teams focusing on marketing, communication, and design;