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This year, SPD Scuola Politecnica di Design celebrates the 70th anniversary of the School’s foundation and the 100th anniversary of the birth of its founder, Nino Di Salvatore. We are organizing various activities, including an exhibition and the creation of a commemorative publication, in which we would like to tell our story, and you, as an Alumna/Alumnus, are certainly part of it.

For this reason, we have decided to dedicate a space to all those who have studied at SPD within the 70/100 SPD Pioneer School of Italian Design exhibition, curated by Martí Guixé, which will take place in September 2024 in the School’s premises, located at the Bodio Center complex in Piazzale Lugano 19, Milan, under the patronage of ADI (Association for Industrial Design).

The exhibition and the publication intend to celebrate these anniversaries not with a nostalgic retrospective, but with a vision for the future rooted in the School’s history and in the life of Nino Di Salvatore, including the present and projecting the School into its immediate future.

The exhibition will be structured into 3 conceptual areas:

  1. The founder Nino Di Salvatore as a person and artist.
  2. Nino Di Salvatore and SPD.
  3. SPD.

The section dedicated to SPD will be divided into three subsections:

  1. Projects developed by students in the current courses of the School.
  2. SPD DNA, curated by Martí Guixé.
  3. SPD Voices: the alumni’s voice.

All of you, Alumnae and Alumni of the School, are invited to contribute to the SPD Voices section. SPD Voices is a collection of texts.

Each text can be:

(A) an editorial cover project representing the impact that attending SPD has had on your subsequent career.

The project can be an illustration, a sketch, a text, a statement, a photograph, a portrait, a QR code, websites, and social profiles, or any composition of these elements. The layout should be in the format of a cover that will be mounted on a wooden block measuring 210mm x 138mm x 20mm, and/or

(B) a publication edited by the Alumna/Alumnus.

During the exhibition, all contributions to SPD Voices will be displayed in a dedicated section and subsequently included in the publication that will follow the event. These contributions will also be part of the permanent and ever-renewable collection at SPD’s new headquarters: a collective work aimed at narrating the School through the people who have made it an essential element of contemporary design.

(A) Editorial covers must be submitted via this form below, with the subject: SPD Voices and your name.

Here you can find:

NB: If you anticipate very busy backgrounds with words, we ask that the text body size not be too small to ensure optimal print quality.

(B) If, in addition to sending digital files for editorial covers, during your professional career you have published texts and wish for them to be exhibited in this event and included in SPD’s permanent collection, you can send them to SPD’s headquarters at Piazzale Lugano 19, 20158 Milan, indicating: SPD Voices.

Deadline for document submission: June 22nd, 2024.

We ask for one final contribution from you. With this call, we aim to regenerate the network of SPD alumni.

If you are in contact with a former classmate who did not receive this invitation directly, please forward this page to them and invite them to complete the form here below.

By simply forwarding this, you will help us increase the SPD Voices and, at the same time, rebuild the network that we will ensure to keep alive on a dedicated LinkedIn page and in all the initiatives that will follow in the years to come.

We can’t wait to receive the contributions from our alumni so that together we can build an exhibition 70/100 that truly celebrates the milestones that SPD has achieved.

Call 4 Entries | SPD VOICES 70/100


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