SPD Scuola Politecnica di Design is proud to announce a series of scholarships made possible through partnerships with prominent companies across different design sectors.

These scholarships are aimed at supporting talented individuals who aspire to excel in their chosen fields of design through our master’s programs.

Students at work

Students at work

Each scholarship is tailored to specific sectors, ensuring that students receive specialized support and mentorship from industry leaders. Our partners are committed to fostering innovation and creativity, providing unique opportunities for students to gain valuable insights and practical experience.

The scholarships are available for the following master’s programs:

5 scholarships available.

Who is Matteo Brioni
A brick kiln amidst the fields of Gonzaga, owned by the Brioni family for four generations, and a young architect with a passion for form and a vocation for building—this is the origin of Matteo Brioni, founded in 2010. Led by Matteo himself, the company is dedicated exclusively to the creation of natural finishes for architecture and interior design, using a material that has been a fundamental element in the industry for centuries: raw earth.

Embrace this exceptional opportunity to advance your career in design with the support of SPD and our esteemed industry partners.