Visual Design.

One year Master course
Starting date: October 2014
Academic training + internship;


Graphic design has established itself as a vast professional field integrating different strands which are reflected in the variety of specialized career paths in the market. The Master course caters for the complexity of this scenario and allows profound experiences in the various areas of graphic design in order to promote a higher level of professional awareness and operational proficiency.


Characteristics and aims


From identity to editorial design, from information graphics to digital communication, the programme develops in an ongoing relation between these disciplines. Format, layout and composition, typography, content management and visual references are closely investigated as key elements of the language of the graphic representation. The plan of studies includes advanced training into all the professional tools and up-to-date technologies. Finally, studio classes draw up the students’ visual culture and enhance their overall design skills by reproducing challenging dynamics which are peculiar to the professional practice.


Upon selection, the Master admits graduates in Visual Communication, Graphic Design, Advertising or their equivalents and students from Fine Arts Academies with graphic orientation; candidates who have gained significant

professional experience in the field.

The Master lasts for one year (from October to December of the following year, with a summer break in August). Attendance is compulsory and full time.

At the end of lessons, students will start their internship at companies or professional firms in the field.

The Master course will be held in English.

Professional openings

The visual designer takes care of graphic and visual aspects of communication. For instance, a visual designer may work in corporate communication, packaging design, editorial design, graphics arts, photography, advertising, architectural graphics. The job market in this field is extremely flexible and in constant evolution. Professionals can enter a design firm or a company; they can also work as freelance collaborators, involved in different projects. The most important visual design companies are to be found in large cities. In Italy international advertising companies, corporate identity networks, visual design firms are located in Milano.

Programmes and teaching staff to be updated