Industrial Design.

One year Master course
Starting date: October 2014
Academic training + internship;


Design History I, I I

The aim of this learning experience is to explore the most interesting expressions in contemporary design delivering students with critical features and methodologies needed in order to comprehend the wider design scenario of the present days and its ongoing evolutions. The teaching methodology includes theoretical classes, monographic lessons dedicated to single authors or themes, lectures by designers and encounters with professionals along with guided visits to exhibitions. The lessons tackle the current orientations in product design and creativity, carrying out an analysis of the development of new languages and design philosophies emerging from todays’ cross-fertilization processes among different disciplines. Specific attention is devoted to the contemporary Italian scene thanks to the presentation of its younger yet acclaimed figures.


Ali Filippini

Today designing products means dealing with both their ideation and their feasibility addressing their entire lifecycle according to a sustainable logic. Industrial design is responsible for the most common consumer goods as well as for new and innovative artifacts. It is also what lies behind the tools and the processes involved in their production and distribution.